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    The goal of our business is to provide our clients with comprehensive, quality Tax and Accounting services in an understandable language, at a fair cost, as soon as possible.

    It is our desire to treat our clients with respect, giving them the best possible service at the best possible fee.

    All Tax Returns will be prepared honestly, in accordance with the Tax Law of Canada. At the same time we’ll utilize every legal option to have our clients pay the lowest possible tax.

    Donna McGennis



343 Ritson Rd. North
Oshawa, ON, L1G 5P9

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6-470 King St. W., Suite 275
Oshawa, ON L1J 2K9

Phone: 905-432-2304



Figtree welcomes you back for 2019 for preparation of 2018 Tax Returns as well as any past years that are not completed. Each year we also look forward to welcoming New Clients, as satisfied customers pass our name along to family and friends.

This website offers in depth information to facilitate tax preparation with Handouts and helpful suggestions for your convenience. These days everyone is very busy so we need all the time saving options available! CRA requires a new T183 signed for each new tax year for each person filing a Tax Return. The form is here available for download. Please print your first and last name in Part A and sign Part D. Leave everything else blank and include a form for each Tax Filer with your Tax information when you bring it to Figtree.

We enjoy dealing with our clients in person, so you can always speak to us here year-round during Business Hours at the door or on the phone. Of course you can Email us with questions as well. Appointments are available for more complex issues.

There are Handouts for Businesses, Rentals, Daycare and Employment Expenses as indicated at the top left. Use the Income Tax Check List to assure you don’t leave anything out.

An Invoice will be prepared once your Tax Return is complete. We accept payment by e-Transfer, Debit, Credit Card and Cash.

All of us here at Figtree look forward to another successful Tax Season working with you. Again, we’re always happy to meet new people so if you’re visiting our website for the first time, feel free to call!

Donna McGennis
And all the Staff at Figtree

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